Eloquent funereal stationary made easy


Uploading and resizing photos

  1. Click the Images pane on the left side of the design area.
  2. In the Images pane, either drag and drop an image file into the upload area or click the upload area to select the image files from your computer.
  3. Once the file has been uploaded, click the image to add it to your template. It will be added to the current selected page (if the template contains multiple pages).
  4. To change the size of the photo click the photo and then click the corners of the blue outline box. To reduce the photo size hold and drag in, to expand the photo hold and drag the corner out. 
  5. To place your image behind the Template Frames click the image and in the top menu choose send to back. This will put your photo at the very back of your template so the image will be behind the frame. 

Adding multiple Images 

Instead of using text like an obituary or a poem you can delete what ever text you like in order to add multiple Images. 

Editing and modifying text 

Selecting a text box

Click once on the text box to select it. You can now drag it around and move it anywhere you'd like. Also, when the text box is selected, you'll see the toolbar show up above the template and you can change many settings for that text box. Click off the text box to deselect it.


Editing a text box

Clicking once on a text box selects it (as mentioned above). However, clicking twice on the text box puts it into editing mode. Once in editing mode, you can select the text, add new text, etc. You'll know it's in editing mode because you'll see the cursor. Now you can select the text within the text box and type something different.


Deleting a text box

To delete a text box, either click the text box to select it or drag across the text box to select it. Then simply click the delete button in the toolbar or click delete on your keyboard.


Changing the font in a text box

To change the font in a text box, select the text box by clicking it once to change the font for the entire text box or select the text in the text box that you want to change if you are only changing the font for some of the text in the text box.

Next click the font drop down menu in the toolbar and select a new font.


Changing the colour of text

To change the colour of text, you can change the entire text box colour or the colour of specific text within a text box. To change the entire text, click once on the text box to select it, then select the colour from the colour box in the toolbar.


Alternatively, click the text box twice to put the text box into editing mode then select the text that you want to change the colour of. Next, select the colour from the colour box in the toolbar.

Rotating Objects

Rotating objects is easy. First, click once on the object to select it. You'll know it's selected when it's highlighted in a blue dashed border.Next, to rotate it, grab the handle at the top of the object and drag it around to rotate it.


You'll notice the degrees of rotation are displayed in the top right corner of the design area.


Objects rotate 5 degrees at a time. If you want to be even more precise, hold Shift while you rotate and you can rotate just 1 degree at a time.

File types supported

You are able to upload JPEG, PNG, and SVG files.

File size limit

The max file size for image uploads is 5mb. Please be sure any images you upload are smaller than that.