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About Us

Keepsake Templates is spearheaded by us: Rory and Rowena.

After experiencing our own family losses, we wanted to find a way to create a unique and lasting tribute to our loved ones. But the costs involved in hiring someone to design funeral keepsakes were astronomical, and there didn’t seem to be any sites that were simple to use while offering the degree of personalisation we were after. Keepsake Templates was born out of our desire to create a sophisticated and elegant tribute that could be customised with just a few clicks.

When you're grieving, you don’t want to be fussing around trying to log into and navigate a complicated site that requires an overwhelming amount of decision-making. That’s why we keep things simple, enabling you to create spectacular designs without the unnecessary stress or expense.

Rory is passionate about helping people navigate grief and loss with empathy and humanity. He brings graphic design skills and technical know-how, making sure there is top functionality behind-the-scenes so that the site runs like a breeze. Rory is a people person, so naturally he's our main customer service rep!

Rowena brings creative energy and and eye for fine detail. She lives by the motto 'do what you love' and is an experienced content creator. Her skill set includes writing, design, photography and image editing. She has a knack for finding exactly the right words and loves helping people express themselves.

All of us here at Keepsake Templates understand that loss and grief are incredibly difficult, and we only wish to help however we can.
Please don't hesitate to reach out - we're all in this together.

Thanks for entrusting us with your loved one's keepsake.

Rory & Rowena